1. Stabbing Westward
    Los Angeles, California
  2. Stoneburner
    Baltimore, Maryland
  3. Johnny Tupolev
    Wuppertal, Germany
  4. unitcode:machine
    Dallas, Texas
  5. The Cassandra Complex
    London, UK
  6. Mari Kattman
    Boston, Massachusetts
  7. nolongerhuman
    Portland, Oregon
  8. blackcarburning
    Bristol, UK
  9. Suicide Queen
    Los Angeles, California
  10. Chiasm
    Detroit, Michigan
  11. Vaselyne
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  12. G.W. Childs IV
    Fort Worth, Texas
  13. Black Needle Noise
    Los Angeles, California
  14. Deathline International
    Oakland, California
  15. Sick Jokes
    Los Angeles, California
  16. Jean-Marc Lederman
    Brussels, Belgium
  17. Rohn - Lederman
    Detroit, Michigan
    Brussels, Belgium


COP International Oakland, California

Founded in 1991 COP gave a home to the emerging west coast industrial /coldwave scene. Our catalog is roughly 450 releases after an amazing 29 years. Fast forward to 2020 and we are now the oldest dark electronic Label in the USA. 2019 legendary producer John Fryer [DM, NIN, 4AD] and COP International teamed up. John Fryer [A&R] is producing the majority of the forthcoming COP catalog. ... more

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