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by Ira-k Organisation

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Calling 05:39
Doll Factory 04:46
Colera 05:52
Parasite 04:52
Bitch 05:02
War 04:21
Terminus 04:12


Review in Brutal Resonance:

Ira-K Organisation [Italy]


Striking out from Italy with nods to rhythmic noise and industrial comes Ira-K Organisation, a solo project from the man behind it all who goes by the simple title of Ira. This project has a fairly short history as of now, with a '09 demo titled, The End Of..., and their 2012 release, Nicht Zu Vergessen both being under the man's belt.

As brutal as his music comes out, so does his imagery. Some controversy has had to have been knocking at his door step, as he makes sure to say, "We are not promoting nazism, racism or any form of hate. Our Music, our scenography is solely intended to make people think wisely about what happened in the past." Sporting the ever popular gas mask present in many industrial acts, as well as the black uniform, you can only dive into his music to see just how dark and menacing his work really comes out.

And with Parasite on the verge of release coming the 18th of April, there's never been a better time to discuss this man's work. It's a fifteen track album spanning just over an hour, with four remixes from Templezone, Mlada Fronta, Hypnoskull, and the very well received Cervello Elettronico.

The album starts off with an intro titled Limbo, which sets the mood for the rest of the album. As sirens blare in the background and fairly distorted vocals kick in to make the tracks ever more creepy, you know this album is going to be a joy ride through Hell.

Following the intro, we are struck into Calling, which contains more of the vocals from the previous track. Having a steady beat that pretty much remains constant throughout the song, it wasn't the best thing on Earth, but still managed to give me chills down my spine. Doll Factory showed me the beauty in the horror, resulting in a brilliantly laid out instrumental piece. It turned out to be a favorite of mine on the album.

Colera continued the solid instrumental work, and Parasite continued on with more lyrical content, refreshing the album a bit. The constant changes between instrumental to vocal tracks actually helps keep the album refreshing. It was a good tactical move by Ira.

Submitting once more to the instrumental side is La Ira De Dios. Picking up the pace and making good work of the synths, it comes off as a track you can stomp to. The simply titled track Bitch continued up with the vocal work, this time coming off more menacing than before. War also takes top place on this album for me, making another stomp-worthy track. And, as the last song on the album before the remixes come in, we're hit with Terminus. Perhaps taking in the best track with vocals on it, it was another fast paced work of love.

And then the remixes hit in. Colera was remixed twice. Hypnoskull's mix took away a lot of the higher pitched notes in favor of harder, more bass heavy beats. More samples and whispers also plague the song. I liked the remix better than the original. Cervello Elettronico's mix traded in a lot of the same synth notes for shorter beats and drum work. It came off pretty well, and the guy deserves his title as a tidy musician.

Terminus got the remix treatment from Mlada Fronta, coming off lighter with a light touch of breakcore in the song. And Parasite was remixed by Templezone. It came off pretty dandy, with whispers fading in and out amongst other samples. The original vocals were shot down to mere background noises; and that was a pretty awesome move that worked wonders.

So, all in all, the album came off extremely well. I wouldn't be so bold as to say that this project has changed the face of industrial in any sense of the word, or that this is the best steak to have ever hit my plate, but he surely has something amazing working for him.

I think my favorite aspect about this album would be the transition from vocal tracks to instrumental tracks. In all honesty, it keeps the album fresh and constantly kept me on my feet wondering, "What's going to hit me next?" And that's what I loved about this album so much. It kept me wanting to go forward just based on the sheer spontaneous nature of the artist. I'm just saddened that now I've listened to this album, I won't be able to experience that same feeling again. That is until the next release comes out by this artist. I'll just have to wait patiently like a dog waiting to be fed by his master.


released November 4, 2014


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