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Broken Hearts and Robot Parts III

by COP International

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You said you can't live without me you said you and me are meant to be the bigger the words the more it hurts and the truth unravels in front of me How come, now that I'm gone you don't feel bad? How come, now that I'm gone you're not dead? Hey babe, I'm onto you cut it out you little shit, yeah no more promises gotta get over it, yeah
The Anchors Lyrics by Emileigh Rohn for Rohn-Lederman Shine for me flash of need/ I don’t want to have live so outside myself/ I don’t want to have to look how to find out/ I’ll find it here/ To make this clear/ The anchors float away/ Too fragile in mistakes/ I’m sincere/ Would we be here today? / We’re storming all the way/ I’m sincere/ Would we be here today?/ I am blind to what’s mine/ Yelled for me to let it be/ I don’t wanna have to tell you goodbye myself/ I don’t want to have to just read your mind when we’re unclear/ It’s growing near/ The anchors float away/ Too fragile in mistakes/ I’m sincere/ Would we be here today?/ Trembling in our hearts/ Stagnant for the start/ We want to play our parts/ Trembling from the start/ I don’t wanna have to be the one that just hides herself/ I don’t wanna be the one that’s so blind to what rings true/ Drift away/ Not without you/ Float away/ I don’t want to have to live so outside myself/ I don’t wanna have to live through the silence/ I’ll find it here/ To make this clear/ The anchors float away


Nothing can keep us down when we lift each other up!

The Broken Hearts and Robot Parts Compilation Series was created with this in mind. It is a statement! A celebration of our incredibly vibrant and creative music and cultural scene. We are proud to be entrusted with the vision of all the participating artists and excited to shine the spotlight on them.

This edition hosts a rather broad range of styles and reflects the spirit of openness that COP International embraces.

1. When Deathline International recorded "Troops Of Tomorrow" last summer it gave me hope and strength. I felt a sense of togetherness that was really intense and beautiful at the same time. The fact that so many amazingly talented people were ready to become part of this project blew my mind. There was a sense of excitement and I was not the only one that walked away from this experience feeling invigorated at a time when it was needed most. I really hope that some of this energy reaches you the listener and makes your day a little better.

2. This is also the first time that we have the opportunity to present a brand-new track to the world. JUNKSISTA premieres their latest Song "Now That I'm Gone" - a minimalistic, bass-heavy groove, that will immediately nest within your cold, black heart and should get DJs excited. [Check out the awesome b/w video]

Remixes at their best are a different expression of the original artistic vision. Christopher Hall transformed Black Needle Noise's track into a catchy, unstoppable rhythm machine. Attasalina's beautiful vocals float on top of pure energy, driven by a barrage of synths and guitars.
Powerful and infectious!

Vaselyne provides us with an escape hatch to a different world. A world of mesmerizing beauty and quiet resolve. Yvette Winkler and Frank Weyzig tell a story of breaking free from whatever is holding you back. Moving on, transforming into someone or something new. "Firmly rooted in the brooding corners of theatrical gothic rock, the piano-led ‘Waiting to Exhale’ is six minutes of poised, dramatic splendor, a work of melancholic beauty. Yvette’s vocals are rich, bordering on the operatic in places, although never overdone: there’s no bombastic emoting here, just controlled reflection." [auralaggravation.com]
Aren't we all "Waiting to exhale"?
[Video by esteemed dutch visual artist Dorothée Meddens]

Rohn - Lederman [Chiasm and Jean Marc Lederman] also gave us an exclusive track "The Anchors". The track gives you a taste of their upcoming album “Venus Chariot”. They aptly describe their record as the musical equivalent of an open wound. A strong, bold, and emotive record showing incredible vulnerability. A fragile and honest exposure of feelings scanning through fear, hope, and loneliness, questioning, and love.
“Venus Chariot” will be released next week [9/24/21]


released September 17, 2021

Cover art by Greg Rolfes
Mastering by Stephen Lam / SLam


all rights reserved



COP International Oakland, California

Founded in 1991 COP gave a home to the emerging west coast industrial /coldwave scene. Our catalog is roughly 450 releases after an amazing 29 years. Fast forward to 2020 and we are now the oldest dark electronic Label in the USA. 2019 legendary producer John Fryer [DM, NIN, 4AD] and COP International teamed up. John Fryer [A&R] is producing the majority of the forthcoming COP catalog. ... more

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